Insurance Agents


Are you an:
Insurance Agent selling or servicing group or individual HSA plans?

or a
Insurance Agency with sub agents selling or servicing group or individual HSA plans?

If YES, then this website is for you!


You focus on the health insurance sale, we focus on the savings account. is here to complement your insurance sale by educating your new HSA client on “how to spend” their HSA account, and/or  “how to save” in their HSA account.  We answer the where, when, and why questions for you to reduce the extra servicing involved with HSA clients. Make the insurance sale, then hand them off with confidence to this website .

We help you service the employee or client when you’re not available.

Employer clients and Agents are in a tough spot when it comes to advice given to employees/individuals on how they can “spend” and “save” their Health Savings Account. You can’t be there every day for every employee or client who asks:

  • Where can I buy my medications? Is it an eligible distribution?
  • Which banks and investments can I use for my HSA?
  • How much can I contribute? This year? Next year?
  • Tax free expense?  I got a 1099?  Are there penalties? and the list goes on.

The final piece in the HSA puzzle.

The government put them into law, the insurance companies built the products, and Insurance Agents and Agencies have played a large role in the distribution of these high deductible health plans (HDHP). But after the sale, education on the HSA Savings Account is limited. This website fills that void, and helps you ramp up the client learning curve. Leverage the website as a tool to overcome employer hesitation, or transition issues when moving to an HSA plan. As we all know, the savings account is the most powerful component of the HSA, and an integral part of your overall client satisfaction.

We do not compete with you. We complement you.

We do not sell health insurance on this website, and we have no intention of trying to steal your clients.  We’ve tried to remove as many conflicts of interest as possible. If you have suggestions on how to make the website better, please pass them along in our contact us section or we appreciate your comments on our HSA Blog.