HSA Partners

The Health Savings Account (HSA) is becoming the most sought after solution to rising health care costs in our country. As millions continue to adopt this consumer driven healthcare model, it continues to touch all types of professionals in many related fields. This website serves as that resource for HSA education, and a place you can send your clients with confidence!  We understand your business and therefore, unlike other HSA sites, we do not sell health insurance or insurance leads, and instead encourage consumers to seek a qualified professional for advice from professionals like you.

Industry professionals who interact with the Health Savings Accounts are either involved in the distribution of the High Deductible Health Insurance Plan (HDHP), or providing financial advice for the Health Savings Account component. On the HDHP side, you may be an employer group or human resources department sponsoring a group HDHP health plan for employees combined with a Health Savings Account, a benefits consultant recommending H.S.A. plans for employers to adopt, or an Insurance Agent or agency enrolling thousands of people into HSA’s. On the savings account side of the equation; tax professionals, certified public accounts (CPA’s), banks, credit unions and Financial Advisers are becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous tax benefits and financial strategies available with the Health Savings Account as their clients become H.S.A. owners and have lots of questions that need to be answered

It is essential that we all have access to these HSA answers to help us educate America on the benefits of the HSA and empower the consumer.

Below is a short list of professionals that we consider to be our partners:

Professional services provided by HSA Consumer for a fee (email for details):

  • HSA website training for employees
  • HSA speaker engagements
  • HSA enrollment presentations (if current agent not available)
  • HSA agency or agent training sessions
  • HSA training for financial advisers and tax professionals
  • HSA individual or business owner consultations
  • HSA comparison shopping consultations