HSA Education

The HSA Education section of this website is dedicated to ramp up the learning curve for HSA owners. Tens of thousands are becoming new owners of Health Savings Accounts every year, and through no fault of their own, most do not know how to use them correctly.

HSAowners have fallen through the cracks.  Whether it’s restrictions on employer guidance, limited human resources staff, agents hands’ being tied, or insurance company limitations; the industry has dropped the ball with regards to ongoing HSA education on how to actually use the savings account component of a Health Savings Account.

It comes down to the 2 fundamental basics of a Health Savings Account:

  1. How to SAVE money INTO your HSA the best way possible
  2. How to SPEND money FROM your HSA the best way possible

That’s where HSAconsumer.com picks up the pieces, and completes the HSA puzzle. What most HSA owners fail to realize is that the Health Savings Account is the most powerful savings vehicle ever created!! It’s the “tax-trifecta” of savings accounts…….tax deductible contributions, tax deferred growth, and tax free distributions. Leverage it! If you accept the fact that everyone incurs medical and dental expenses at some points in their lives; an HSA account allows you to save up for those now or later expenses in the most tax friendly way possible.

So, if you’re ready to learn, first read the overview in the HSA Consumers and HSA Savers pages of the website. Then dig into the details, laws and opinions via the following HSA education links:

Educated HSA owners are happy HSA owners and crucial for any successful HSA transition. Together, we can make a difference in the success of HSA’s and help consumers take back control of their health care dollars.  Join us in our efforts and help us get the word out….tell your boss, fellow employees, family, friends and your agent that HSAconsumer.com is the best “HSA portal for HSA owners”.

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