Rx / Pharmacy Discounts

Prescriptions / Rx is another example where transparent pricing has enabled the consumer to drive down prices, and demand higher quality.

First, check the price of your current insurance company prescription discounts in the network. Then, search the online pharmaceutical sites below to find better prices.  Online vendors are able to write prescriptions orders for most drugs over the phone or internet.  By having this capability, it eliminates waste, including the cost of seeing a doctor to write the script. This is always a top complaint of patients, especially when it’s time to refill a current medication.


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TIP: GO GENERIC – Most doctors have no idea how your health insurance works, they assume you have a “copay” on that branded drug they are recommending. But when you own a high deductible health plan, combined with a Health Savings Account, you will be paying the full cost of the medication, so you better speak up! Be sure to ask your doctor about generic alternatives which can be as low as $4 per 30-day supply.

TIP: KEEP RECEIPTS – Be sure to keep all of your receipts, not only to show the IRS if they ask what you spent this money on, but also to send in to your health plan to put towards the deductible IF you have prescription coverage in the plan. You would only send in copies of the receipts if you come close to or met your deductible.

WARNING: NO CANADA (or Mexico) – Just remember that you can NOT use your HSA money for RX bought from online Canadian companies. For more consumer protection information visit www.fda.gov/buyonline or www.fda.gov/counterfeit for more information.

RECAP: Go generic if possible, get Rx discounts where available, and tax deduct the discounted price with your Health Savings Account. That’s how you lower your overall cost of health care.


DrugStore.com – Drugstore.com has partnered with BioScrip Pharmacy Services, Inc. to provide online prescription fulfillment and dispensing. They are a leading online retailer focused on health, beauty and wellness products.


eDrugstore.MD – eDrugstore.MD is the Internet’s leading safe, secure, private and convenient source for FDA-approved prescription medications. Our contracted team of U.S.-licensed physicians provides secure online consultations.


RxBids.com – The RxBids.com site is a secure Internet-based electronic marketplace linking buyers (Members) and sellers (Pharmacies) together. The RxBids innovative and revolutionary platform brings together a network of Pharmacies/Pharmacists and members in an open and competitive marketplace designed to drive down the price of prescription medications.


RxDrugCard.com – Rxdrugcard.com provides a prescription discount program that provides the lowest prices possible on all prescription medications.


Costco Pharmacy – The Pharmacy at Costco.com offers their members one-stop shopping for Prescription medications. Low cost prescriptions available online. Visit their Pharmacy page for pricing information.


Florida Prescription Drug Price – The Florida Prescription Drug Price website [FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY] provides pricing information for the 150 most commonly used prescription drugs in Florida. The prices are the “usual and customary prices,” also known as retail prices, reported monthly by pharmacies. This is the price that an uninsured consumer, with no discount or supplemental plan, would normally pay. Prices at your local pharmacy may change daily, so this website is only meant to help you compare prices at different pharmacies and are not a guaranteed price.