Laboratory Discounts

Laboratory discounts is another area where the health care consumer, particularly an HSA Consumer, can make a big difference in their cost of health care. One reason may be due to transparent pricing and the ability for the consumer to make educated decisions in this health care segment. Many providers, including those below below, provide nationwide access to facilities for less cost than most insurance company negotiated rates.

Many patients are tired of getting large unexpected bills due to incorrect lab coding, labs being sent out of network, and the negotiated insurance company rate an unknown for a month. Instead, HSA owners are starting to like the certainty of a known online competitive price at the time of the transaction, and the ability to use their HSA funds tax free.

In addition to saving on the actual cost of the lab, the consumer no longer has to pay a doctor to write the lab prescription, and no longer has to pay a doctor to read the results. These lab companies can write the prescription for you, and provide an easy to read detailed report of the results, or then you determine if seeing a doctor to interpret the results is a more prudent move.

Most laboratory tests are a eligible tax free medical expense out of your Health Savings Account. Check out our “at a glance” expenses page, or IRS publication 502 for a full list.

TIP: Be sure to keep all receipts so you can submit them to insurance company to put towards the deductible (if allowed, every company is different), and also keep the HSA receipts to show the IRS in future years if they ask what you spent your HSA money on and verify its’ tax free eligibility.
TIP: Some newer or existing health plans may provide “preventative care” laboratory tests for free, if coded correctly and if this benefit is included in your health plan. – The leader in direct access laboratory testing. We offer a wide variety of important health and wellness blood chemistry tests directly to you online at extremely discounted prices. Confidential results are available online in as little as 24 hours for most tests. – provide consumers with an affordable and convenient way to privately learn about your health. The MyMedLab process combines transparent pricing of state-of-the-art testing with the services of a board certified physician in every state. – Order lab tests & bloodwork online!

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