Blood & Lab Work Without a Prescription

Laboratory tests is one area that proves the consumer can reduce medical pricing if injected into the purchasing and decision making process. There are many players in the business like DirectLabs and MyMedLab who provide consumers access to transparent pricing, at low cost with high quality service. Consumers always demand the best quality at the lowest price in every industry…..except for health care.

In addition to saving on the actual cost of the lab, the consumer no longer has to pay a doctor to write the lab prescription, and no longer has to pay a doctor to read the results. These lab companies can write the prescription for you online, and provide a detailed report of the results which is easy enough to read to determine if everything is in range, or seeing a doctor to interpret the results a more prudent move. Test results can also be viewed privately online.

Take control of your health. Convenient low cost blood tests are available online and without a physician’s referral. Most lab tests are an HSA eligible expense for tax free treatment.

Visit our Lab Discounts page for a list of laboratory facilities.


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