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HSAconsumer.com, the “HSA Portal for HSA Owners”, was inspired by the current void that exists in the marketplace…….educating existing HSA owners how to use their Health Savings Account correctly.

A major convergence is occurring in the medical, insurance, financial and technology industries which is causing a transformation in the way people consume and save for their medical care. The politicians did their job by enacting HSA law in December 2003. The insurance and financial service companies have created the products (the HDHP health insurance plan and the HSA Health Savings Account), and lastly, insurance agents and large employers across the nation are now implementing the HDHP health insurance plan in large numbers.

This website is an HSA portal filled with unbiased advice to assist the HSA consumer on how to consume medical services and financial services wisely.

The vision of the website is ALSO to be a resource tool for every employer who provides an HSA plan, insurance agents / benefit consultants who assist in benefits planning, and financial advisers / tax professionals to compliment their existing financial and tax advice. It can be utilized as:

  • An educational tool for employers to give employees to ease the HSA adoption.
  • A resource for insurance agents to give their clients and reduce servicing.
  • A reference for financial advisers and tax professionals to add value.

Health Savings Accounts will become one of the most important financial planning vehicles available and eventually compete with the size of IRA’s and 401k’s. The HSA is the most tax-advantaged plan in existence and will become an integral part in the distribution planning in retirement.

The creator of this website has over 20 years of combined investment and insurance experience. The advice given throughout this website will enhance your knowledge in this revolutionizing and evolving health and financial services market. The goal of this website is to be:

  • A place where everyone can feel comfortable sending their employees and clients.
  • A place where consumers can take control of their own healthcare, and save money.
  • A place where the advice is honest, straight forward and free.

We do not sell insurance on this website. Our revenues are derived from affiliate marketing links, sponsor advertising, and speaker or consultation fees. Please remember to support our sponsors, and thanks  for visiting the website.

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